16. March 2016

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Erni the Kobold looks for rain – In all things sleeps a song Children’s Music Theatre

You have walked really far, you’re exhausted and really thirsty – but: the water is gone, there isn’t any more water!
The young kobold Erni and her friends must experience this. No one dares to go in search of the absent rain; everyone is afraid of the dangers in the forest and the legendary griffin. But Erni gathers all her courage and sets off on her way. As she is quite short-sighted, she has to learn to rely on her hearing and instincts. “In all things sleeps a song” – the old kobold Rufus gives her this tip for her journey. And he proves to be right. The wasps, the water in the flask, even the roots in Erni’s cave have their own music and use it to tell their personal stories. Together with the children Erni delves into this new world of sound. Does everything really have its own sound or melody? What does this music tell us? 

An exciting adventure that opens new acoustic worlds with loud and almost inaudible passages, inviting you to listen and join in.
Music theatre for children 7 years +.


© Igor Ripak

© Igor Ripak