04. April 2014

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

SADHU – Seeker of Truth

7.30 p.m.
Ritwik Sanyal
(Dhrupad master)

Ribhu Sanyal
(Dhrupad singer)

Tapash Kumar Das
(pakhawaj/double skin drum)

Jayandra Soni (Tanbura)

Luitgard Soni–Scharfetter (Tanbura)

In cooperation with Osterfestival Tirol

Cat I: 29,- / red. 26,-
Cat II: 25,- / red. 22,-

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Ritwik Sanyal Inner Paradise

Paradise is found inside the living human body as a divine form of energy. Dhrupad is not a kind of music that turns outward, but rather induces the experience of the interior. Ever since Dhrupad emerged from the ocean of music and dance in India, this form of music making has been set between the poles of public performance (which used to take place at North Indian royal courts as “a matter of the heart”) and internal reflection. To the singers and the accompanying instruments, Dhrupad solely answers the purpose of the latter. Perceived as an introverted genre, Dhrupad was overshadowed by other Indian musical forms and could thus retain its original character even during periods of commercialization. Exponents like Ritwik Sanyal have carefully passed the art of Dhrupal on to present times. At first, the singer – without accompaniment but with a completely detached form of improvisation and changing tempi – loses himself in the raga, the melodic frame and its decorations. The Sanskrit texts contain glorifications of Krishna and his life as well as some hero worship and admiration of female beauty.

On its way to the interior, the Dhrupad composition passes through several stages: Immutability (Indian “sthayi”), fixed in the middle register, is opposed by the interior (“antara”) in the upper register. Over a bow (“abhoga”), the wandering (“sanchari”) through the middle and upper registers can lead back to the basis. The rhythm of the wandering stage is defined by the hands strumming the wooden drum pakhawaj, with its complex double skin covering resulting in an endlessly broad sound spectrum, in turn enabling the sounds to fuse with the singing voice. Ritwik Sanyal, professor of vocal music at Banaras Hindu University, celebrates Dhrupad as the ideal form of spiritualization: It is on the inside of the human body where the exceptional may happen.

accompanying programme:
5 p.m. film
SADHU – Seeker of Truth
CH/India 2013, Direction: Gaël Métroz
An ingenuous and open-hearted portrait of an Indian wise man in search of the right way of living and a deep insight into Indian spirituality.
Cinema tickets for EUR 7,- (regular) or EUR 5,- (reduced upon display of a valid IMAGO-DEI ticket).