18. April 2014

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

6.30 p.m. Introductory talk with Rainer Lepuschitz and Ensemble Musicians

7.30 p.m. Concert Koehne Quartett, Ensemble Lux, Minetti Quartett & Medici Quartet

Koehne Quartet
Alfred Schnittke
2nd string quartet (1980)

Ensemble Lux
Sofia Gubaidulina
3rd string quartet (1987)

Minetti Quartet
Anton Webern
6 bagatelles for string quartet, op. 9 (1913)

Medici Quartet
John Tavener
SCATTER ROSES (world premiere, commissioned work in cooperation with Cheltenham Music Festival & Harrogate Festival)

Medici Quartet, Koehne Quartet, Ensemble Lux, Minetti Quartet
John Tavener

Koehne Quartett
Joanna Lewis (violin)
Anne Harvey-Nagl (violin)
Lena Fankhauser (viola)
Melissa Coleman (cello)

Ensemble Lux
Louise Chisson (1st violin)
Thomas Wally (2nd violin)
Nora Romanoff-Schwarzberg (viola)
Mara Kronick (cello)

Minetti Quartett
Maria Ehmer (1st violin)
Milan Milojicic (viola)
Leonhard Roczek (cello)
Anna Knopp (2nd violin)

Medici Quartet
Paul Robertson (violin)
Cathy Thompson (violin)
Ivo-Jan van der Werff (viola)
Anthony Lewis (cello)

25,- / red. 22,-

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Koehne Quartett, Ensemble Lux, Minetti Quartett & Medici Quartet Beyond Silence

“It was as if it was a gift that had passed through me.” – That’s how the English composer Sir John Tavener perceived the music about the four states of being according to the Indian philosophical tradition of Vedanta. “Towards Silence”: Four string quartets unite to form a musical meditation about the indestructible essence of the spirit and, at the same time, about dying. To Tavener, whose belief was strengthened in the Presbyterian and the Russian Orthodox church as well as in Hinduism and Buddhism, “almost every one of my works somehow takes a look at death from various angles” – and further into the beyond. Positioned invisibly to the audience, the four string quartets fill the “spiritual space with a sound as if hovering down from an ethereal realm,” Tavener’s friend and violinist of the Medici Quartet Paul Robertson describes the composition’s effect. Through the states of vaishvanara (waking), taijasa (dreaming), prajna (deep wisdom in the balance of body and mind) and turija (enlightenment) the musical path leads us beyond all thoughts and knowledge, to a place of unspeakable peace. To Paradise.
Four string quartets set the stage for the meditation for 64 strings and one Tibetan sound bowl: The Koehne Quartet plays Schnittke’s 2nd quartet, a piece of funeral music based on Russian Orthodox chorals. In Gubaidulina’s 3rd quartet, Ensemble Lux transforms the spiritual aspects of life into hymnal messages. With Anton Webern’s quite reduced “Bagatelles” the Minetty Quartet comes very close to the unspeakable, while the Medici Quartet attends to the premiere of the last of John Tavener’s works – he died in November 2013. Finally, the string quartet “Scatter Roses over my Tears” is a meditation over a verse of the Sufi poet Rumi.

accompanying programm:

6.30 p.m. Introductory talk
With Rainer Lepuschitz and Ensemble Musicians