12. April 2014

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Fata Morgana

7.30 p.m. concert
Soetkin Baptist (vocals)
Carla Nahadi Babelegoto (vocals)
Patrizia Hardt (vocals)
Marius Peterson (vocals)
Arnout Malfliet (vocals)
Joachim Brackx (vocals)
Floris De Rycker (lute)
Liam Fenelly (violin)
Jan Van Outryve (guiterne)
Björn Schmelzer (art direction)

In cooperation with Chorszene Niederösterreich

29,- / red. 26,-

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Graindelavoix Paradise Lost

The Montpellier Codex, one of the most precious medieval musical handwritings, takes us to the Garden of Earthly Delights – and of damnation. The four-voice motets display multiple readings and meanings of Paradise. Each of the four voices follows its own lyrical and musical path: In the style of psalm chanting the tenor holds the leading melody. Above that a voice takes us to the garden of Paradise or other idyllic places, frivolous allusions not excluded. On a third level of the motet, a courtly counter-voice arises, while a fourth one is singing a heavenly ode to Mother Mary. The motets offer a very complex moral interpretation of the garden of Paradise, oscillating between a lustful yet sinful place and heavenly spheres. Within a polyphonic texture, Paradise is being deconstructed in the here and now and transfigured in the beyond.
Yet, lost Paradise always retains a tang of Edenic beauty in the chanting of the Belgian ensemble graindelavoix. The singers follow their lead to counterbalance what is happening beyond the lines in the higher consciousness of music. Where sense-cleaning Gregorian style meets sense-confusing polyphony, vocal wonders of lament, decoration and temperament occur. The collective, led by Björn Schmelzer, draws connections between what is musically and lyrically written down and what goes beyond the literal text and musical notation.

accompanying programme:
5 p.m. film

Fata Morgana
Direction: Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog combines texts from a Guatemalan myth of Creation with footage of an African desert and hallucinatory images to form a meditative collage about creation and decay.
Cinema tickets for EUR 7,- (regular) or EUR 5,- (reduced upon display of a valid IMAGO-DEI ticket).

Graindelavoix: O Dame Que Deus Portais