11. April 2014

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

4.00 p.m. film
Orfeu Negro

6.30 p.m. Introductory talk
with Mag. Johannes Kaup & Prof. Dr. Mouhanad Khorchide

7.30 p.m. conzert
Hamed Said Osman Ahmed
(soloist singer)
Yasser Fathi Abdalla Mahdy
Ahmed Abdel Nabby Ahmed Khalil
Aboubakr Mohamed Mourad Migally
Elhamy Mohamed Mourad Migally
Ramadan Abdelnabbi Abdelaal Hamadein
(voice & percussions)
Ahmed Abdelnabbi Abdelaal Hamadein
(voice & percussions)
Alaa Abdelnabbi Abdelaal Hamadein
Mahdy Hassan Mohamed Soliman
Ahmed Shawar Ibrihim Mohamed
Hamdy Desouky Fawy Hussein
Ashraf Abdelnabbi Abdelaal Hamadein

Cat. I: 29,- / red. 26,-
Cat. II: 25,- / red. 22,-

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Au Coeur du Nil Soufi The Heart of the Sufis of Nile River

Through the garden of Eden flows Nile River. From ancient times until the Middle Ages the Biblical river Gihon was equaled with the North African stream. At Nile River beats the heart of the Egyptian Sufis whose inner relationship to God is filled with love. Sufis do not languish for heaven, to them, Paradise is not beyond death, but destined to be in each and every human being. The entrance to eternity is found in a life of unity with oneself and the eternal reflection of the divine. Man’s interior – his spirit and his heart – is depicted as a garden in the Sufi songs – a garden of juicy fruits and beautiful flowers: Paradise.

With their performance, the Sufis of Nile River intend to give insight into their universe of “dhikir” (prayer) and “hadra” (trance). Their dancing and their music at Minoritenkirche blend with the video of a Sufi ceremony from a village in Upper Egypt projected onto a net spun across the stage. Sheikh Hamed Ahmad sings songs in the tradition of Egyptian Sufis and is accompanied by musicians performing qawwali, the Sufi style of singing, as well as by the lute ud, the tabla, and riq, the tambourine. The ritual of the dervishes is led by the singing brothers Abdelnabbi Abdelaal Hamadein and accompanied among others by the Arabic reed flute suffara. The voices of the munshindin escalate in their endless recitations of the many words for the divine. Consecration takes the Sufis very close to God.

accompanying programme:
4 p.m. film orfeu negro

6.30 p.m. Introductory talk
with Johannes Kaup & Prof. Dr. Mouhanad Khorchide

Au Coeur du Nil Soufi