02. March 2013

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

6.30 p.m. Introductory talk
Dr Manfred Permoser

7.30 p.m. Concert

Cappella Musica Sacra & Chorus Musica Sacra Krems
Ellen van Lier (soprano)
Martina Mikelic (alto)
Bernhard Berchtold (tenor)
Markus Volpert (bass)
Alfred Endelweber (musical direction)

Michael Köhlmeier (reading)

Cat I: 32,-/29,-
Cat II: 28,-/25,-

In cooperation with the Ludwig Ritter von Köchel Gesellschaft
Musik in Krems 2013

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Cappella Musica Sacra & Chorus Musica Sacra Krems How the world came about

In the beginning was the word. When it came down to the creation, God’s arms were itching and on them appeared signs to guide him through the creation of the world. At the start of “Imago Dei”, Michael Köhlmeier reads from his “Geschichten von der Bibel” in which he tells bible stories from the creation of the world to Joseph in Egypt, how the world came about, how it used to be and how it is today. In the beginning, these stories were orally transferred ones that were only written down later and became the book of all books. Köhlmeier returns to the art of narration and also includes episodes from tales and myths, from Jewish and Babylonian legends and from Apokrypha that have not found their ways into the Holy Scripture.

Joseph Haydn did not talk about the “Creation” in a rich musical language. Rather, his oratorio music of the Genesis lived on in his subsequent works. In the Gloria of his Mass in B-flat major the composer borrowed Adam’s words “Der tauende Morgen, o wie ermuntert er”, which now sound to “Qui tollis peccata mundi” (“Du nimmst hinweg die Sünden der Welt“; “You take away the sins of the world“).
The awakening of nature and the forgiveness of one’s sins, a new day and a new beginning: a musical linkage that earned the liturgical work the name “Schöpfungsmesse“, “Creation Mass”. Chorus and Cappella Musica Sacra celebrate the beginning of “Imago Dei” with Haydn’s musical High Mass.