22. March 2013

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

5 p.m.

7 p.m.
Ensemble Extracello

Edda Breit
Maria Frodl
Melissa Coleman
Margarethe Deppe (violoncello)

Frances-Marie Uitti
(violoncello, composition, dramaturgy)

Buddhist monks
Lama Gyurme (voice)
Umze Lodro Gyamtso (voice)
Tsultrim Kalden (percussion)
Karma Nyima und Karma Mingyur
(radong, gyaling and kangling)


With the friendly support of
comissioned work Land NÖ Abteilung für Kunst und Kultur

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Frances - Marie Uitti, ensemble eXtracello & Buddhist monks Puja – Deference to the Creator Spirit

In the beginning was the sound, the first manifestation of the empirically experienceable world. In the ritual of the Puja, the singing of the monks blends with the lamentations of the long metal horns radong, which are always played in pairs, the flute-like kangling and the shamanic hourglass drum damaru to form ancient sounds and ancient melodies that reach the interior of man. Sounds that transform darkness into light. With the damaru drum in their hands, the dancers of the ritual call upon the celestial bodies. Earth and sky, world and transcendent world touch each other.
A moment of creation.
The title “Umze”, master of music, was awarded to the Buddhist monk Gyurme from Bhutan in his three-year-three-month-three-day retreat to attain the dignity of the Lama. Lama Gyurmes’ singing meets the singing of the cello, which is closest to the human voice. The “maybe most interesting cellist on this planet” (Washington Post), Frances Marie Uitti, who used to enter musical séances with Giacinto Scelsi and John Cage, transforms the tone into an accord by changing the linear into a polyphonic sound with her two-bow technique. On her trips to Bhutan, Uitti claimed intense musical connections. The ritual of the Puja becomes the ideal form of encounter between the Buddhist monks and the musicians. The strings of four celli (played by the Ensemble eXtracello) are retuned into sound scales comprising twelve halftones, whose vibrations sound in complex rhythms through the church room and contrast with the polyphony of Uitti’s two-bow cello play.

ACCOMPANYING FILM PROGRAM Kino im Kesselhaus, March 22, 5 p.m.
>>Switzerland/USA/Italy 2011>>Direction: Jennifer Fox
Documentary about the difficult relationship of a famous Tibetan master with his son. “A film about the slow awareness of one’s self.” (Die Zeit)
(Free admission with a valid IMAGO DEI ticket of March 22. Please make your reservations when purchasing your IMAGO DEI ticket.)