28. March 2013

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

5 p.m.
Accompanying film program Kino im Kesselhaus:
“AUN – The beginning and end of all things”

7 p.m.


In cooperation with Europäische Literaturtage Spitz

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Johannes Dickbauer & Dzevad Karahasan Origin and end of the world

Georg Friedrich Haas
de terrae fine for solo violin (2001)
Luciano Berio
Sequenza VIII for violin (1976)
Steve Reich
Violin Phase (1967)

In the beginning was the preacher who predicted the near end of the sinful world on San Francisco’s Union Square. A passenger recorded some of his words on tape and later on transferred the recording to a second tape which he then played with a bit of a delay after the first one: Steve Reich had invented the principle of phase delay of permanently repeating rhythmical and melodic passages, which dominated the American’s compositions from then on. The minimal changes in sequence catapulted music – and the musicians – to a universe of seemingly eternal sound series. A similar effect was caused centuries earlier with the chaconne and its repeating harmonies and a melody that wandered away but kept returning to its origin. The Italian Luciano Berio resumed it for his “Sequenza VIII” for violin and explored the technical limits between two tones that mark the beginning and the end of a (musical) creation. In “de terrae fine” by the Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, melodies partition into quarter-tone or even smaller progressions, are being threatened by the approaching overtone harmonics to be finally destroyed.  The poet Dževad Karahasan from Sarajevo responds to these musical borderline calls with a “History of desire” comprising several stories from two of his novels, “The night council” and “The rink of Shahrijar”. In this narration, the Bosnian writer has several layers of time and events intertwine: from a myth about the origin of the world from Mesopotamian ancient history and the Mother Goddess Nintu in her glorified relationship between desire and hatred to Sufi mystic and the tragic love story during the siege of Sarajevo.

ACCOMPANYING FILM PROGRAM Kino im Kesselhaus, March 28, 5 p.m.
AUN – The beginning and end of all things
>>Austria/Japan 2011 >>Direction: Edgar Honetschläger >>Music: Christian Fennesz
Visually stunning film fiction by the Japan-based artist and filmmaker featuring a suggestive sound design by Christian Fennesz.
(Free admission with a valid IMAGO DEI ticket of March 23. Please make your reservations when purchasing your IMAGO DEI ticket.)