01. April 2013

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Capilla Flamenca
Marnix De Cat (altus & art concept)
Tore Denys (tenor)
Lieven Termont (baritone)
Matthew Gouldstone (bass)
Jan Van Outryve (lute)
Liam Fennelly (fiddel)
Patrick Denecker (recorders)

Het Collectief
Wibert Aerts (violin)
Martijn Vink (violoncello)
Toon Fret (flute)
Benjamin Dieltjens (clarinet)
Thomas Dieltjens (piano & art direction)

After the concert, the Verein der Freunde der Kunstmeile Krems invites you to a reception with wine and bread.

Cat.I: 32,-/29,-
Cat.II: 28,-/25,-

With the friendly support of
Freunde der Kunstmeile Krems

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Capilla Flamenca, Het Collectief 12 x 12 – The musical zodiac

In the beginning was harmony. On earth and in heaven. In this world and in the infinite cosmos. It is among the oldest myths of mankind that the cosmic order is filled with musical harmony. The astronomer Johannes Kepler found mathematical evidence for the music of the spheres in the “Harmonices mundi” he explored. Today, space probes send out the sounds of Saturn or Jupiter. The cosmic vibrations influence our life here on Earth, each and every individual human being, and the cycle of nature. Magnetic, mental and transcendental forces of attraction prevail. Art as a fine transformer of phenomenal realities makes these visible, audible and come alive at each and every moment. The musicians of the Belgian Capilla Flamenca found illustrations about the impact of the seasons and the zodiac cycle on every-day life in one of the book of hours of the Middle Ages. In the music of this era, when the Franco-Flemish polyphony of the ars nova and the ars subtilior spread to the whole of Europe, the cosmic harmonies about the zodiac cycle in the universe, originating in the magic crossing point between the sun’s orbit and the celestial equator, can be found. Compositions by Guillaume De Machaut, Jacopo De Bologna, Johannes Ciconia and Bernhard von Cluny reflect the phenomena of the zodiac cycle, through the cosmic zone of which pass the imaginary orbits of the sun, the moon and the planets. The orbit of music passes for the higher goal of transformation in harmony. The vibrations of musical sounds are not aware of times and borders. Thus, the “zodiac cycle” of the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen finds its way into the polyphony of medieval music. One of the most beautiful pieces of music by the German avant-gardist gives the Belgian Het Collectif the chance to freely unfold twelve zodiac cycle melodies that may evolve from the clarity of the musical structure and a hint of cosmic forces. In a mixture of vocal and instrumental, old and new, mystic and magic music, twelve musicians of the Capilla Flamence an the Het Collectif project twelve signs of the zodiac cycle onto the concert night sky.