01. April 2012

Stift Melk - Kolomanisaal

Reiner Kunze & KOREAN MUSIC PROJECT Poetical texts & traditional Korean music

KOREAN MUSIC PROJECT: Hyosun Kang (piri), Najung Jin (gayageum), Gilong Chae (daegeum), Sori Choi (percussions), Iho Ahn (pansori singing)


Reiner Kunze, who, like no other, is capable of expressing the extraordinary through a simple and distinctive way of intonation of the German language and whole worlds lighten up through only a handful of words. In the Stift Melk Kolomani hall, Kunze’s poetry of images, which is always full of devout humanity and an emotional bond to nature, will fuse with traditional Korean music and the special Korean musical genre of the pansori—not a coincidental encounter: in the course of a kind of globalization poetry, Reiner Kunze—the former “public enemy” who was “released” from the GDR to Germany’s West—has studied various Asian forms of poetry like the Korean sidcho; his poems were also translated to Korean. Pansori, sung folk tales accompanied by percussions and going back to shamanic South Korean rituals, was taken up on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2003. Reiner Kunze’s lyrical poetry that is said to strive for beauty with “revolutionary impetus” will take the passengers from the monastery aboard the boat where Exit Eden will be their return ticket on the “Slow Boat to China”.

EUR 16.- / 14.-

By the friendly support of
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Stift Melk
KAMS (Korea Arts Management Service)


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