31. March 2012

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche


Visual microcosm structures of everyday living spaces as the compositional substance of contemporary soundscapes

makroPHONIA: Ku Su Jung (heagum), Kim Tae Kyung (piri), Park Kyungso (gayageum), Yoon Yeo Joo (changgo), Bernhard Breuer (drums, percussions)
Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber (guitar, musical concept, photo score), Renald Deppe (saxophone, clarinet, musical concept, graphein)

Of the audible and the visible…
As long as language was independent of script the audible dominated over the visible, laws and commandments held acoustic authority. As long as music was independent of any form of normative scripting, the audible dominated over the visible, rules and techniques held acoustic authority.
Our macrophonic symbols of sound and images trace these long-lost times within contemporary musical work by means of “de-scripting” that denies any visual form of authority.
Searching for the nearness in the distance, the strangeness in the personal, the mysterious sounds in the light of perceptible things.
Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber & Renald Deppe

makroPHONIA is a cooperative project between Renald Deppe and Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber, and Korean musicians that transforms visual microstructures of everyday living spaces into compositional substances of contemporary soundscapes. makroPHONIA takes on the challenge to “enlarge” the most finest structures through different forms of composition and thus make them visible and audible. By the underlying ink graphics and macro-photos, respectively, details are revealed that suggest the natural vibrations of living beings and material things.
Hereby, the connection between seeing, feeling, and hearing is directly being addressed. In this image-sound transformation the Korean instruments with their microtonal distinctions play an essential role: in the interplay with guitar, drums and saxophone/clarinet, the two-string viola da gamba haegum, the twelfe-string zither gayageum and the double reed bamboo flute piri open up a new spectrum of sound, which—similarly to natural processes—allows for fine distinctions as well as rough profiles and cuts.
makroPHONIA also strives for the unfolding of personal encounters, addressing deeper layers of being that might surface in musical interplay and revealing the possibilities of human co-living and -working.

22.- / 20.-

By the friendly support of
musik aktuell
AIR (Artist in Residence Krems)
KAMS (Korea Arts Management Service)
BMEIA (Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs)


FILM Kino im Kesselhaus, March 31, 4 p.m.

(Korea 2000 >>direction: Im Kwon-taek )
The moving legend of Chunhyang is part of Korea’s cultural heritage. In this brilliantly set romantic opera it is being told in the classical Korean musical form, the pansori.
(Free admission with a valid IMAGO DEI ticket for March 30/31 or April 1)

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