24. March 2012

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan The sufis´echo

Kayhan Kalhor (kamancheh)
Erdal Erzincan (baglama)

Kayhan Kalhor, who is a master on the Persian spiked fiddle kamancheh and was raised with the classical Iranian Radif musical repertoire alongside regional styles from Khorasan to Kurdistan, has left his home country Iran for neighboring cultures in order to explore his musical ways of expression in the improvised play with musicians of related traditions. “I test the water by setting my left foot on Turkey and my right foot on India. This way, I find myself—geographically, physically, musically—in between the countries and try to understand the differences between them and us.” These differences give rise to similarities. After several musical expeditions to Istanbul, Kayhan Kalhor met a master on the Turkish longneck lute baglama: Erdal Erzincan, who was raised within the East Anatolian musical tradition, a tradition that goes back to the travelling Sufi poets whose music accompanied rituals and meditations. The traditional lines of Persian music reach far beyond the Iranian borders and can be traced all the way back to Istanbul and Cairo, when in the heyday of the Abbasidian culture between the 8th and the 13th century the Iranian-Arabic music was flourishing. The foundation for a musical-spiritual kinship was laid: in their dialogs, Kalhor and Erzincan plunge into the magic of improvisation and follow the pulse of inspiration, freed from any bonds of rules and formats in the contemporary customs of either of their musical cultures. “I want to do something that starts from nothing and develops from there. We may be approaching a melodic and energetic climax and leave it at that,” says Kalhor about his musical partnership with Erzincan. With their music, the two musicians from these two different cultures awaken the ancient cry of the Sufis from western and central Asia. They enter a spiritual sound meditation. The framework of their instruments becomes the source of rich musical textures. The vibrations of the strings connect the earthly with the divine.

25.- / 22.-

FILM Kino im Kesselhaus, March 24, 4 p.m.

(USA 2010 >>direction: Iara Lee )
Can music and dance be weapons of peace? For two years, Iara Lee travelled five continents to find out.
With Kayhan Kalhor, the Medellín Poets for Peace, Ruanda’s women’s movement, hip hop artists from Palestine, and many more.
(Free admission with a valid IMAGO DEI ticket for March 24)

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© Promotionfoto