25. April 2011

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

J.S. Bach Easter Oratorio Cappella & Chorus Musica Sacra Krems

Introductory talk (6 pm)
with Manfred Permoser

Johann Sebastian Bach
Ouverture in D-major BWV 1068

The little girl Hope – Immortal (Charles Péguy)
Hubert Gaisbauer

Sanctus Benedictus from the mass in h-minor BWV 232
Easter Oratorio BWV 249

Ellen van Lier (Soprano); Martina Parzer (Alto); Daniel Johannsen (Tenor); Markus Volpert (Bass); Alfred Endelweber (dircector)

To conclude “Imago Dei”, the hope for resurrection will be nourished by Johann Sebastian Bach. Musical masterpieces from three different areas of work will be connected to an organic holy concert by the Cappella and the Chorus Musica Sacra Krems under the direction of Alfred Endelweber. The program includes festive instrumental music in the divine key D-major (D as in Deus), two holy mass movements—the invocation of God from the prophet Isiah’s temple vision (“Sanctus”) and the invocation of Jesus based on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (“Benedictus – Hosanna in excelsis”)—, as well as the oratorical glad tidings about the Lord’s resurrection. The Easter Oratorio, which Bach put together on the basis of music from a cantata for performances in the main churches of Leipzig, hopefully unites the reports of Mary Jacobi, Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John about the discovery of Jesus’ empty grave with equally silent and loud chants of joy about his resurrection. The dance movements of the overture in D-major, orientated to the French style, prepare for the dance-like character of the arias, presenting themselves in the styles of minuet, bourrée, and gavotte. The oratorio’s gigue-like pulsating final chant “Preis und Dank / Bleibe, Herr, Dein Lobgesang” (“Praise and thanks / remain, Lord, your canticle”) follows the exemplary triune “Sanctus”, which was composed shortly before the final chant and which Bach later integrated into the architecture of his h-minor mass. The “Benedictus” aria for tenor and concert transverse flute from the h-minor mass follows in this final “Imago Dei” concert and finds its equivalent of contemplative doxology in the aria “Seele, Deine Spezereien” for soprano and transverse flute in the Easter Oratorio. Bach’s great carriers of hope are complemented by poetic words from the “Mystery of Hope” by the French writer Charles Pierre Péguy: the little girl Hope surpassing her siblings Faith and Love.

Following the concert, the Verein der Freunde der Kunstmeile Krems will treat you to wine and bread.

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© Promotionfoto