05. April 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Paul Renner: Excess from ascesis an excessively culinary, literary and musical soirée

Robert Hunger-Bühler (reading); Felix Kauf  (wine); Peter Herbert (music); Paul Renner (cuisine); Christian Uetz (reading); Stefan Zweifel (reading)

One’s spirit and senses flash into action when Paul Renner celebrates his rituals. Life changes in Renner’s feasts of eating, drinking, tasting, looking, listening, feeling, sensing. Narcotics, historians of madness, poets of sensual lust, philosophers, gourmets, food addicts, hard drinkers, cooks and artists gather when Renner calls for his comprehensive works of art. It’s not pure indulgence as such that becomes art, but rather the art of indulging as part of an obsessive kind of perception of life. Renner’s culinary-artistic actions are excessive with any aesthetic reaching eternity, and feelings, thoughts and tastes merge and dissolve.
Be it at the “Hell Fire Dining Club” where Renner tours through the kingdom of senses, at the “Theatrum Anatomicum” where the senses are sharpened and patterns of thoughts dissected, or be it at the two rituals at “Imago Dei”—moods, thoughts and gums heat up in the whirl of physical-sensual pleasures.

On Palm Sunday Dionysos the hermaphrodite appears from his winterly isolation under sprawling ivy and dry foliage, back to a fertile vivacity, carrying grapes rather than grief, drinking wine rather than whining. Together with literates and musicians, Paul Renner accelerates until a state of excess with its roots in Dionysos’s ascetic phase.

© Paul Renner

© Paul Renner