13. April 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

La Cetra d´Orfeo: "Bacchus à la Folie"

Music from the 16th to 18th century, among others by Adrian Willaert, John Playford, Henry Du Mont, Antonio Vivaldi, and Jean-Philippe Rameau

Laura Pok and Michel Keustermans (flutes); Jorlen Vega und Benoit Douchy (violins); Romina Lischka (viola da Gamba); Marie-Anne Dachy (cembalo); Jurgen Debruyn (lute); Stephan Pougin (percussion)
Marie de Roy (soprano)
Michel Keustermans (musical direction)
dancers: Lieven Baert (choreography), Jaime Puente, Beate Fritsch, Marie Angeles Hurtado, Chris Vandore, Veerle Fack

Folia, follia, folly, rabidity, ecstasy. After Passion time Bacchus takes command on Easter Monday at Imago Dei. Dionysos, the embodiment of utmost ecstatic pleasure and adored as redeemer by the Orphic mystics, takes over from the ascetic Apollon in the godly heavens.

To conclude the festival the ensemble La Cetra d’Orfeo sings, dances and plays an “Ode à Bacchus”, the ideal musical basis for which being the dance called “Folia” that came about half a millennium ago in Portugal. As Italian “follia” the dance became a passionately refined movement in the occidental art music. The extravagance of dancing as musical principal: never-ending waves of instrumental and vocal variations over a moving rhythmical impulse slopped over Renaissance and Baroque music.

Vivat Bacchus. Love and wine: La Cetra d’Orfeo opens the ode with a tray of brimful chansons, drinking songs of Renaissance masters like Adrian Willeaert, John Playford and Henry Du Mont, as well as of anonymous masters from France, Italy and Spain. Bacchus, who was introduced to the art of the flute play and wine drinking by some nymphs, celebrates resurrection.

Suite espagnole. With flute, violin, guitar and castanet sounds La Cetra d’Orfeo makes the dancefloor tremble with virtuoso Folia dances and its relatives like the Jotta, Gagliarda, Paduana and Vilancico. Flamenco à la Renaissance.

And at last, a colourful bouquet of lovely and ecstatic Folia from Antonio Vivaldi to Jean-Philippe Rameau. And a song to the “art of kissing” by Andreas Hammerschmidt.

© Cetradancers

© Cetradancers

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