10. April 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Kairos Quartet: "That Night" Giacinto Maria Scelsi, Georg Friedrich Haas

Giacinto Maria Scelsi:: string quartet no. 3 (1963) 
Georg Friedrich Haas: In iij. Noct. string quartet no. 3 (2001)

Wolfgang Bender (violin); Stefan Häussler (violin);  Simone Heilgendorff (viola);  Claudius von Wrochem (violoncello)

Darkness. The church interior is covered in black cloths. All doors are closed. From the pulpit the priest announces the last words of Christ. Silence. Again the words of the redeemer. But not in actual words, but in sounds from four instruments and 16 strings. A Good Friday ritual with a string quartet. For more than 200 years with Haydn’s music about the seven last words of the redeemer, composed in commission of the church San Cuevo in Cadiz.

Darkness. The church is completely blackened. All doors are closed. In the four corners of the room the four musicians of the Kairos ensemble are positioned. A Good Friday ritual with a string quartet. 2008 at the Minorite Church. “In iij. Noct.”—the responsory of the Renaissance sovereign Gesualdo di Venosa, who did penance through composing, is flashing up in the darkness, embedded in the optical night and the acoustic light of the third string quartet of the Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas. The four musicians communicate with alternating invitations to certain playing situations of the composition. Musicians and audience are united in the exclusiveness of auditory signals. An acoustic cleaning process in the optical nothing. Chords of overtones, tissues of microtones, combined with tones in the finest dynamic shades. Dark, frightening, threatening auditory situations at the transition to lively, energetic, bright musical perceptions.

“The Spirit calls, the Soul awakens, Liberation, Catharsis”—what reads like an invitation to inner self-discovery, is movement information for musicians. As clear with words as in his third string quartet the Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi only became with his musical nuclear research. The self-termed “medium” of music comprised in one single tone all the chords of its overtones and microtones. ONE sound with the universe contained in it. Good Friday in Krems. Sound light in church night. The Kairos quartet with the harmonies, tunes and rhythms of Scelsi’s third quartet in search of the third dimension.

© Dorothee-Brodows

© Dorothee-Brodows

Scelsi: Streichquartett Nr. 3