28. March 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

J.S. Bach: "Sonata e Partita" / Johann Maria Staud: "Towards a Brighter Hue" Ernst Kovacic



Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata for violin solo C Dur BWV 1005  (1720)

Johann Maria Staud: Towards a Brighter Hue  (2004)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita for violin solo d moll BWV 1004  2 (1720)


Ernst Kovacic (violin)   




Chaconne, Chacona, ciacona, chiaccona, ciaccona, ciaconia, chocuna—repeating harmonies, a melody going on a journey just to come back to its origin again and again, a rhythm with its pulse following the sounds and yet swinging at heart. The Chaconne—freely unfolding, wild, relentless, unrestrained. A triple dance from Latin America: brought to the Old World by Spanish conquistadores; then a Spanish folk dance; spread to Italy; there, taken up and savored by composers; went on the journey from Monteverdi in Heinrich Schützen’s suitcase across the Alps to Germany, and unravels as an endless musical cosmos in the finale of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita D Minor. Out of complete compositional ascesis the Chaconne took Bach to a state of musical ecstasy. It is central to his sonata and partita works for the solo violin and to Ernst Kovacic’s program at “Imago Dei”. With the D minor partita and the C major sonata, the notable Austrian violinist will mount two summits of Bach’s violin works and the rest of the violin world on his Italian Guadagnini instrument, and from there cast a glance into our times to another work dedicated to him. In “Towards a Brighter Hue” the Austrian composer Johannes Maria Staud boosts a germ from his musical theatre “Beatrice” to stormy passion and finds his way through the fine structures of micro intervals to bright serenity.
© Ernst Kovacic

© Ernst Kovacic