21. March 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Silence and reversion

“Praise the Lord”
The choral about the praise of the Lord is based on the sonata for viola solo by Bernd Alois Zimmermann. The German composer’s (1918-1970) priority musical concern was the penetration and overcoming of time and its layers, which also made him reach back to quotes from the musical past, since their advancement enabled him to melt various levels of time. “Like no other genre of art, music is at the mercy of passing-by. A musical event sinks into the past and raises expectations for what comes the passing-by’s way: the future” (Zimmermann). In the duo “Intercomunicazione per violoncello e pianoforte” Zimmermann challenges the interpreters “to consciously present the single phases’ extremely long layers of time as long as necessary”. The musical reality makes the audience forget about time.

“Between the chairs. At no time. Welcome!”)
Renald Deppe welcomes you to the concert liturgy with Zimmermann. “In his music, grief and despair sound to irretrievable losses which emerge when the spirit of time expels, haunts and destroys everything that doesn’t correspond to its standard”. During World War II young Zimmermann was drafted for the Russian expedition. After the war his artistic sense of responsibility within the post-war society of distraction and entertainment fell on deaf ears. “Stille und Umkehr”, silence and reversion: following the title of a late Zimmermann orchestra work the musicians of the Cappella con durezza end up with the “Requiem für einen jungen Dichter “ (requiem for a young poet), condensed to a piece for a jazz band by Renald Deppe. “For the Lord will not cast off forever”: before and in between the Zimmermann music Anne Bennent raises prophet Jeremiah’s voice.

“And everything that moves a human heart”
With his chamber music Bernd Alois Zimmermann wanted to “reflect upon the major facts of human being, birth and death, growth and decay, and upon love…”. Renald Deppe adds to the composer’s comment: “Yet in the dark sounds of his night music flourishes the hope for not to stay alone”.

Acts from Bernd Alois Zimmermann:
Sonata for Viola solo;
Configuration for piano;
Intercomunicazione per violoncello e pianoforte;
Requiem for a young poet
(Adaption for Jazzband from Renald Deppe)

Lection from the dirges of the prophet Jeremias

ANNE BENNENT: recitation

Susanne von Gutzeit Viola
Margarethe Deppe Violoncello
Mathilde Hoursiangou Klavier
Martin Ptak Posaune
Renald Deppe Saxophon, Klarinette
Michael Bruckner Gitarre
Ali Angerer Tuba
Bernhard Breuer Drums

© Anne Bennet

© Anne Bennet

© Hannes Kilian

© Hannes Kilian