09. April 2006

Pfarrkirche Weissenkirchen

QUATERNION Sofia Gubaidulina

for 4 violoncellos

Edda Breit cello
Melissa Coleman cello
Margarethe Deppe cello
Dorothea Guschlbauer cello

The Quaternion, a mathematical term, is a complex four-component number system. The composer Sofia Gubaidulina, born 1931 in Tchistopol (Tartar Republic) refers to this abstract classification system in the cello quartet she composed 1996 quite in the sense of baroque number symbolism. But there is hardly any "absolute music" in the composer’s varied works. "I don’t aim at expressing an idea, but to put into music the face of an experienced feeling. . . . I don’t care whether I am modern or not. What counts is the inner truth of my music." This was the composer’s answer to Western journalists asking her about the theoretical background of her music.

In Sofia Gubaidulina’s sound-scape we find Christian symbolism, mystical ideas and again and again hidden textures of great density: as songs without words, her often spiritual-meditative scores touch us in a soothing way. And they give advice to the ever restless and driven contemporaries and companions in distress: "... to be really myself". We just have to be repeatedly reminded of it. For example, by listening to her Quaternions.

© Extrachello

© Extrachello