09. April 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

THE VENUS RITE Feuchte Mutter Erde (Moist Mother Earth)

A young group of artists consisting of a designer, musicians and composers, currently based in Linz.

Marcus Huemer concept, technology
David Longa composition, concept
Thomas Mandel concept, composition
Verena Schweiger design, concept
Werner Zangerle composition, concept
Lina Maria Venegas choreography

ROSSATZ Traditional Band

"In the uppermost cultural layer, however, that woman slumbered, a diluvial Sleeping Beauty, waiting for her awakening. It was on a bright August morning in the year 1908, when the Venus of Willendorf, after many thousands of years of sleep, saw the sunlit Wachau again." Dr. J. Bayer, "Neues Wiener Tagblatt", 4.02.1910

The Venus may have awakened from her slumber, got out of her bed and looked at the sunlit Wachau valley, but what she undoubtedly did not do was what she was once made for. Before her 26,000-year sleep, the ice-age Venus was the centre of a Europe-wide earth-goddess cult. In this capacity, each year she brought light, life, fertility and growth after the months of darkness. Our Easter still has some features of that pagan springtime celebration, which, through its aspects of growth and fertility, is reminiscent of a Venus rite.

In an interdisciplinary project with participants from the fields of dance, theatre, music and arts "Feuchte Mutter Erde" seeks to get to the bottom of that old Venus rite.

With the kind support of Brandner Schifffahrt

© Feuchte Mutter Erde

© Feuchte Mutter Erde