09. April 2006

Pfarrkirche Weissenkirchen

CASSANDRA Laments of the Balkans

New adaptation for Mirkovic / Loibner

Natasa Mirkovic-De Ro vocals
Matthias Loibner electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy, live loops
Ernst M. Binder, dramagraz concept

The last great tragedy in her homeland, Sarajevo, turned her into a refugee who found a new artistic challenge in Austria. Now the actress and singer Natasa Mirkovic returns to the imaginary stage of the Balkans dressed in the robe of the tragic Cassandra: the long tradition of dirges and laments merges with the myth of Cassandra, the refugee from the Trojan War who rejected Apollo’s love and was therefore cursed by him to prophesy the truth – with the fatal addition of never being believed. Mirkovic draws on the old body of songs of Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina: laments for the dead, songs of loss, love, pain and separation. Matthias Loibner accompanies her as a sensitive companion allowing the archaic sounds of his hurdy-gurdy to sing, sob, cry and dream with Cassandra – with a tenderness that opens one’s heart. A touching lament, and actually also a "declaration of love" ...

"For me death just means the loss of my voice, never the end of my existence."
Natasa Mirkovic
© Kassandra

© Kassandra