09. April 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche


Valeria Pilia solo voice
Alessandra Leo soprano
Manuela Sanna soprano
Roberta Locci mezzo-soprano
Valeria Parisi alto
Orlando Mascia launeddas, accordion, sulittu, Jew’s harp

At the end of the 19th century Orgosolo, a small village in the picturesque scenery of Barbagia in the heart of Sardinia, was still a notorious landscape: dominated by the brigandage of gangs and clans whose roots go back to the days of Spanish rule. Now the village is famous for its murales, graffiti depicting scenes of the inhabitants’ daily routine, as well as for its rich music tradition: Orgosolo is the only place in Sardinia, where the tradition of the archaic vocal music accompanying the rosary is still alive; the songs for several voices, interpreted by old women in the regional dialect, last a good hour. The Actores Alidos programmes are dedicated to these archaic songs of the Sardinian women. Apart from liturgical songs, such as the rosary from Orgosolo and others in praise of the Virgin Mary, the five women interpret traditional lullabies, spiritual songs and laments and especially songs for Easter, which is still the most important occasion for the inhabitants to sing the traditional body of songs. For Actores Alidos these songs are an infinite source of inspiration, they take them up and interpret them in a contemporary way, with all their knowledge of the oral tradition: the complex rhythmic vocal music, the "false" drones and the fascinating polyphony of sounds, rhythms and melodies. And they seek the dialogue with the launedda, a magic ritual pipe, already found on small 3000-year-old statues, the players of which are even today considered to be shamans. On Sundays they play in the church and accompany the people out to a solemn dance.

© Actores Alidos

© Actores Alidos