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Piano Matinee with Florian Stemberger

Piano Matinee with Florian Stemberger

Johann Sebastian Bach as an adaptor of Antonio Vivaldi. Until now, Bach’s reworkings of concertos by Antonio Vivaldi have received little attention. Viennese pianist Florian Stemberger treats us to three concerti from this collection to which he says: “This least known of Bach’s piano cycles may even be his best.”

Bach arranged Vivaldi’s works according to his own aesthetic ideas; he changed harmonies, inserted additional bars, and above all, he created a typical Bachian polyphony by adding additional voices to the musical tapestry. The result is astonishing because Bach’s version for one instrument contains more notes and more scores than Vivaldi’s originals for orchestra.

Florian Stemberger contrasts this baroque first half with a classical second after the intermission, with one sonata each by Mozart and Beethoven. Both sonatas are gems of the repertoire that continue to weave the thread of the orchestral sound of the piano.

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