Archive: Postponed | April 16: The Wonderful World of the Harpsichord

Krems Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

A musical journey through four centuries

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Jakob Froberger, William Bird, Louis Couperin, and György Ligeti, among others

This concert could also have been called “The Harpsichord’s Sensual Side” because it is about truly sensual sound explorations through four centuries of harpsichord music. In search of a connecting element, Johannes Maria Bogner uncovers archetypes of musical energy through different epochs and fathoms their emotional depth. This is particularly interesting because of the instrument’s seemingly limited emotional qualities. Bogner loves to play with the simultaneity of different voices, even though they cannot be emphasised through volume on the harpsichord. In a way, it is an art of illusion that has a unique charm, but also one that requires a unique player. Johannes Bogner rises to the challenge of making an instrument as rigid as the harpsichord sing, all while giving it a lyrical soul. Beyond epochal limitations, the music’s recurring element shimmers, and, like a mantra, is almost capable of putting us listeners into a trance. But the physical and playful aspects of the instrument are important, too. One has to be able to let off steam and indulge in some “prestissimo”, which in the context means nothing other than “as fast as possible” – virtuosity to the point of oblivion. Quite different variants of this instrument have existed throughout the centuries and countries. Johannes Bogner makes use of several of them to traverse his wonderful world of the harpsichord.

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