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In memoriam Jad Turjman (1989–2022)

Reading from the work of Jad Turjman
Syrian music with Salah Ammo

“Syria Alive” was the title of the evening at the Imago Dei 2022 Festival, where Jad Turjman enthralled the audience with his stories. At the time, he was writing his third novel. Jad Turjman lived in Mattsee in Salzburg. There, some extraordinary people had given him a new home and the opportunity to process the dramatic experiences of his escape from Syria. In the Schöchl family home, Jad could devote himself to writing and found a steadfast mentor and coach in Doris Brandl. Jad loved the beautiful surroundings of his new home and was often out and about in the mountains. So too on July 30, 2022, when he was killed in a tragic accident.

In September 2022, his last novel “Wenn der Jasmin Wurzeln schlägt” (When the Jasmine Takes Root) was published. Like his two previous highly successful novels, this book was published by Residenz Verlag. Publishing director Claudia Romeder and Doris Brandl will talk about the writer Jad Turjman. Colleagues Luna Al-Mousli and Hamed Abboud will read from Jad’s work. Companion Salah Ammo will accompany this evening with Syrian music, and together we will honour the memory of this wonderful writer, who passed away far too early.

In cooperation with Residenz Verlag and Salzstadl – Wirtshaus & Bühne.

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