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Syria’s powerful voices in Austria

Traditional Syrian music and compositions by Salah Ammo
Texts by Hamed Abboud, Luna Al-Mousli, Omar Khir Alanam & Jad Turjman

Syria was a symbol of diversity. Indeed, few other Middle Eastern countries are comprised of so many different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. It is precisely this diversity that distinguishes the artistic universe of Syrians living in Austria, one they have brought with them and are now infusing with new impulses.

The Kurdish-Syrian musician Salah Ammo was strongly influenced, both personally and musically, by the multicultural atmosphere of the region he is from, close to Syria’s northern border with Iraq, and a constant desire to find common ground with one’s opposite guides him in Austria, too. His personal Syrian music provides a treasure trove of sounds. The songs that Salah Ammo has selected for his new ensemble are mined from here and glitter in a myriad of (sound) colours.

Together with the Salah Ammo Ensemble, which will play its debut concert at Imago Dei, four Syrian writers, who have conquered the German language literary scene in just a few short years, will also be featured: Hamed Abboud and Luna Al-Mousli from Vienna, Omar Khir Alanam from Styria, and Jad Turjman from Salzburg. These four writers represent some of the most powerful voices of Syrian literature in Austria. Their uniquely individual narrative forms and poetic talent make every story, and every poem, a touching experience.

In cooperation with the Literaturhaus Salzburg.

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