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Slagwerk Den Haag—one of Europe’s most spectacular percussion formations—performs music made of light. To begin with, a “Nocturne” in times of artificial light: Throughout the entire piece four percussionists turn 16 light switches on and off. That’s it. The rhythm consists of nothing more (or less) than the click/clack of the switches operated by the musicians and the flickering on/off of the connected lamps. Then an enigmatic sound appears, but it is not quite a sound yet and will disappear again. In "Having Never Written a Note for Percussion“ by US-American James Tenney a single tremolotone emerges from inaudible nothingness, immerses everything in blazing light while reaching a powerful forte and slowly vanishes again. And finally, the soundscape is boosted to cosmic dimensions in the cult piece “Pleiades” by Greek avantgardist Iannis Xenakis: Six percussionists transmit the Pleiades star cluster down from the Milky Way to Planet Earth with their metal, hide, and wood percussion instruments. Drum rataplan as stardust.

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