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Slagwerk Den Haag—one of Europe’s most spectacular percussion formations—performs music made of light. To begin with, a “Nocturne” in times of artificial light: Throughout the entire piece four percussionists turn 16 light switches on and off. That’s it. The rhythm consists of nothing more (or less) than the click/clack of the switches operated by the musicians and the flickering on/off of the connected lamps. The soundscape of Klangraum Krems in the Minorite Church will also become a site of visual phenomena in the piece “Forcefield” by Mexican composer Hugo Morales Murguìa. In this project rotating light sources trigger sounds whenever they hit solar panels worn on the chests of the musicians. From there, the sounds are routed to a quadrophonic speaker system that surrounds the audience. And finally, the soundscape is boosted to cosmic dimensions in the cult piece “Pleiades” by Greek avantgardist Iannis Xenakis: Six percussionists transmit the Pleiades star cluster down from the Milky Way to Planet Earth with their metal, hide, and wood percussion instruments. Drum rataplan as stardust.

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