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Into the Innermost

George Frideric Handel: Messiah HWV 56
Oratorio for Choir and Orchestra

In the winter of 1741, George Frideric Handel accepts the invitation of the Irish viceroy to perform a series of concerts in Dublin. For the conclusion of this series, planned for the spring, Handel writes his oratorio “Messiah”, which is centred on the complete life of Jesus, viewed from different perspectives. Prophecies and the history of salvation inspired Handel to write music that thrives on a seemingly inexhaustible repertoire of forms and colours.

Messiah already fascinated Handel’s contemporaries, and this fascination is still evident today. It is music that accesses the innermost reaches of the soul. What is rarely mentioned today is that Handel premiered his oratorio as a charity concert. This united the intrinsic content of the work and its external presentation in a very special way.

After the event, the Association of Friends of the Kunstmeile Krems invites to the traditional reception with wine and bread.

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