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Kurdophone feat. Sakina Teyna & Salah Ammo

Kurdish Music & Own Compositions by Omid Darvish, Sakina Teyna & Salah Ammo

“Kurdistan!” – that could be the name of the country in which the Kurds live. But this country does not exist. Kurds live (mainly) in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The musicians who will conjure the sound of Kurdistan also come from these countries. This sound feeds on the influences of the music of their countries of origin, resonates in different languages, and opens doors to jazz.

Sakina Teyna and Salah Ammo, two well-known artists from our previous edition, return to Imago Dei. This time, however, with a focus on their Kurdish roots.

The ensemble Kurdophone, which consists of Austrian and Iranian musicians, has established a completely new musical language between Kurdish jazz and Iranian-influenced music. The distinctive dark timbre of singer and band founder Omid Darvish is, like the infectious groove, a trademark of the band Kurdophone, founded in 2017.

During the event, a book table run by the bookstore Hartliebs Bücher from Vienna presents selected works.

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