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Concert and Reading

Concert and Reading

Polish composer Simon Laks, the highlight of the “Zwischentöne Polen” (Poland Overtones ) focus of the Imago Dei Festival, was inspired in a variety of ways to compose his songs. On the one hand, he felt a kinship with the Polish poetry group Skamander, above all Julian Tuwim; on the other, two female singers motivated him to write stylistically fluctuating songs before and after the war. Laks dealt with his experiences in the Auschwitz concentration camp in a number of songs, and following the war he wrote “Acht Jüdische Volkslieder” (Eight Jewish Folks Songs) in Yiddish. The title of this concert “Ich bin a balagole” also originates from this song cycle: “I am a coachman and drive without end. I play my small role and then I drive away. ”

In cooperation with Literaturhaus Salzburg and the Polish Institute Vienna.

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