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From Dusk Till Dawn

Chants and songs with long shadows, drenched in mild evening light or illuminated by the morning sun.

Here and there, sunrise and sunset look the same, if only at first glance. The time in between also receives attention, along the lines of Wilhelm Müller, whose poems were set to music by Franz Schubert: “From Dusk Till Dawn”.

Schubert is but one name that Hannes Löschel’s town orchestra reveres. A new programme is in the making inspired by their legendary productions such as “Herz. Bruch. Stück” [Heart. Break. Piece]. They are songs with a broad stylistic spectrum, created by participants from a music scene that effortlessly transcends conventional genres. From the heart of the action arise the voice of Klemens Lendl. Versed in all different traditions, these “featured vocalists” conjure an atmosphere free from any folklorism.

You may dream, one or the other tear of joy may be shed.

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