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Dancing sounds along the Danube

Ländler, polkas, and other dances

Founded in 2021 with the sonorous name Divinerinnen, the seven women who make up this ensemble are an eclectic mix that ranges from Heuriger musicians to Philharmonic orchestra members. The name’s wonderful play on words – which sounds like “Die Wienerinnen” in German or “the women of Vienna” – allows Viennese music to shine through and fits almost magically into a festival called Imago Dei, which with its new programme “Imago Deae” invites mainly female musicians to take the stage.

The music that Divinerinnen have chosen to play for the festival’s final concert takes us on a journey through Linz–Krems–Vienna: Weana and Linzer Tanz, dances “to be listened to”, alongside other pieces from the albums of Eduard Kremser – deemed the most important collection of Viennese music created between 1911 and 1925. Sounds along the Danube inspired the seven musicians to come up with new arrangements.

The music of Divinerinnen is as diverse and colourful as the ensemble itself. Their musical references are wide-ranging: between deep-rooted tradition and a distinctly modern approach to sound, between folk and classical. Nothing is smoothed or polished, but, rather, authenticity is emphasised, and everything is connected. It is this approach that also makes Divinerinnen’s music so unique. Their joyful sounds are an invitation to celebrate the end of the festival with the whole family.

Followed by a traditional reception with bread and wine hosted by the “Association of Friends of Kunstmeile Krems”.

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