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A Tribute to HK Gruber

HK Gruber:
Nebelsteinmusik (1988)
Frankenstein!! A Pan-demonium (1976/77)

HK Gruber—chansonnier and conductor
Ernst Kovacic—violin
Platypus Ensemble
Helga Rabl-Stadler—festival speech

“Allerleirausch, neue schöne Kinderreime” (Noises, noises, all around – lovely new children’s rhymes) is the title of the book by Austrian poet HC Artmann that guided composer HK Gruber to his world success “Frankenstein!!”. Artmann’s poems suggest a naive playfulness that HK Gruber picks up on in his use of colourful toy instruments. But the seemingly harmless shimmers in completely different directions in the overtones. The captivating music of “Frankenstein!!” leaves ample room for interpretation and doesn’t skimp on snappy humour, especially when the composer himself slips in the role of a chansonnier. A concert with HK Gruber is always an experience!

The other side of the “Gruber coin”, as it were, is his 2nd violin concerto, “Nebelsteinmusik”, named after the eponymous mountain in the Waldviertel, which is dedicated to his teacher Gottfried von Einem on his 70th birthday and written for Ernst Kovacic as soloist. Speaking of birthdays: With this concert we congratulate HK Gruber and Ernst Kovacic on their round birthdays. What would a tribute be without a laudation! Helga Rabl-Stadler, president of the Salzburg Festival from 1995 to 2021, will honour HK Gruber’s creative oeuvre in her festival speech.

Film in cooperation with Kino im Kesselhaus. Introductory talk with HK Gruber in cooperation with The Archives of Contemporary Arts, University for Continuing Education Krems.

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