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Scriabin Mysterium

Works by Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin

The Mysterium, the mystery as an idea, played a major role for Alexander Scriabin (1872–1915) and permeated his complete artistic oeuvre. The Mysterium should not be “theatre” per se, it should become reality, real experience, a moment in the act of creation, consisting of a synthesis of three art forms: poetry, music, and sculpture (as mimicry and dance). The borders between the performers and audience thus dissolve, everyone is “initiated”, everyone becomes a participant in a grand conjuration.

“Scriabin – We summon you! Come! Every word, every gesture, every sound is there to summon you, Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin!”

This invocation takes place with all the senses. The ritual evolves in the moment. Where is the self? Where do we encounter the higher level of consciousness? The sensuality of music is physical. It is movement, touch, a physical aspect of experience. We adopt postures, develop gestures, expanding space and stretching time.

Being together comes to the fore. Hearing, thinking, observing make us participants in the Mysterium. Through shifts in perception, we become part of infinity. Where are the chasms of emotion? How is consciousness raised for higher dimensions? Toward the flame. Aren’t the puppets already staring at us from the other world?

Art is the Mysterium. The Mysterium is all of us – in the moment.

With the kind support of Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca and FWF PEEK project AR 640.

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