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An Egyptian Sacrifice Ritual

The musicians of the ensemble Mazaher will initiate the Krems audience into a sub-Saharan ritual. The sacrifice rituals of Al Zar belong to the origins of Egyptian civilisation. Al Zar is a collective healing ritual practised with drums and dance in which women take on the leading role. It is a space in which women can work out the tensions and frustrations that have built up because of their social constraints. It is an ancient purification rite that aims to pacify diverse spirits with offerings, incantations, and dance. Communication with unseen spirits is driven by the insistent and varied drum rhythm interaction, which can lead to altered states and even trance. The experience of Al Zar can be cathartic, a physical and spiritual purification, which leaves one calm and ready to face the world again.

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Ensemble Mazaher: Um Sameh, Um Hassan, and Nour El Sabah

Music from the Al Zar cult in Egypt

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