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The Singing Berber Women

In their home country they are only allowed to sing in an enclosed circle—at Imago Dei the Berber women from the city Taroudant in south-western Morocco will take the stage in front of an audience and present their songs and chants about the challenges in their lives. In regular meetings the women from the Berber tribe Houariyat carry on the tradition of female singing, which has been preserved, in particular, in the ancient cultures of the Atlas regions. The texts stem from both Berber and Arabic sources and tell of everyday events from a female perspective, while also addressing religious issues. They are always infused with a sense of lament about the oppression of women by men. The chants are accompanied by diverse types of Oriental drums and finger cymbals.

Program text


Panel discussion:
Seyran Ates about sacrifice and women in Islam.

Followed by the concert

Roudaniates, women’s ensemble from Taroudant

Religious songs of praise and traditional chants of the Berber women from Houariyat

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