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The Georgian Miracle

The name of the men’s folk and chant ensemble Didgori honours the mountain where, some 900 years ago in a historical battle, the Georgian Christians reclaimed power from the Seljuks despite their much smaller army. The singers feel obliged to this legend. The miracle of the victorious battle correlates with the miracle of Georgian chants, whose three-voice polyphony possess a unique harmony, completely independent from the European dualist tonal system. The chants and songs always strive for pure resolution. Banned 200 years ago by the Russian Empire, the singing tradition was preserved and kept in scores for over 7000 chants. In Krems Didgori will perform Georgian chants of the Easter period, but also songs from Abkhazia, an autonomous republic in Georgia today occupied by Russia.

Film programme on 30 March
15:30 | Kino im Kesselhaus
“THE SACRIFICE”, director: Andrei Tarkovsky, SE/F/GB, 1986, 143 min
Details and reservation on:
Upon presentation of your IMAGO DEI ticket, the film ticket can be purchased for just 7 EUR (instead of 8 EUR)

Program text

Traditional Georgian church songs and Abkhazian songs

In his literary speech performance “Offert Offertorium Opfer” the author and reciter Bodo Hell embarks on an acoustic tour de force about current and historical mindsets on offenders and victims, followers and spectators, those who intentionally sacrifice themselves and those who are principally self-forgetful in their strive to overcome the all-encompassing scheme of retaliation once and for all.

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