13. Oktober 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

„monks – the transatlantic feedback“ dokumentarischer Musikfilm

Im Anschluss an das Konzert von THE MONKS zeigen wir den dokumentarischen Musikfilm „monks – the transatlantic feedback“ (D/USA/ES, 100 min) von Dietmar Post und Lucia Palacios. Die Geschichte der Band und damit ein Stück deutsch-amerikanischer Popgeschichte wird detailreich und natürlich mit viel Musik nachgezeichnet.

“Ein großartiger Film, der sich in seinem Schnittstil an die scharfen Schnitte der Monks-Musik anlehnt” (VARIETY), “eindringlich und liebevoll”  (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) „Ein grandioser Film” (Thomas Meinecke in  DIE ZEIT).

Mehr Infos und einen Trailer zum Film gibt es unter: 

Dietmar Post (Regie) ist anwesend.

Everybody knows Elvis Presley served Uncle Sam in West Germany, but have you ever heard of the five American G.I.s who stayed on after their military discharge and formed one of the wildest and most influential rock bands of the 60s? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the first avant-garde band, The Monks. Combining rare archival footage of the band’s amazing performances on live TV with contemporary interviews with band members, eye witnesses and music commentators, this documentary traces the evolution of a combo determined to expand the frontiers of popular music. What emerges is a vital and illuminating picture of German-American cross-cultural experience, and a tribute to genuine rock and roll pioneers. “A loving and penetrating documentary film.” (Hollywood Reporter) “An overdue history lesson.” (Rolling Stone) “The filmmakers do a vivid job etching the creatively fervid times, with an editing style whose dynamism echoes that of Monk music.” (Variety) “Like Fechner’s film about the Comedian Harmonists, this documentary combines beautifully the private with the political. The Monks were the essence of the 60s art world.” (Berthold Seliger)

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